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We still talkin’ about slavery
But these are my proof, to show you that slavery
Helped [?]

Still waitin’ on that commencement speech invitiation
Cash strapped HBCU, but I’ll take it
Plagiarized This Is Water
No Foster Wallace, but I’ll fake it, I’ll fake it
Makeshift, transubstantiation, cup or chalice, hand shakin’
Pac blood, one sip, a rapper could beat all his cases
In this side-scrolling, 8-bit bullet hell, I’m patient
Graceful as third generation bomb makers
Dancers bodies [?] basements
Arms tired, eight eyes achin’
Squealin’ tires as per the arrangement
Hiding Places was inside my mind’s labyrinths and mazes
Heavy headed shapes who live in crawlspaces
Lord knows, it’s hard bein’ famous
Flip phone Pan-Africans call home on occasion
Soundin’ happier, soundin’ like sincere
I sincerely hope Cape Town bid on your Acura
Mandrax under the front passenger
Deus Ex Machina every chapter
I glow in the dark, half-life under weighted blankets
Fuckin’ on cold nights
Lead pipe bangin’, waves of x-ray scannin’
Catch a body after tamperin’ with the body camera
It’s a cancer
It’s a mass in the abdomen, it’s a tuned mass damper
Old man Barnum, super scammers
Tamarind daiquiri, no tough guy, I’m a dandy
No [?] in the backwood, color of brandy
Acrid, greed, banana and [?]
King Tubby, where [?], that’s the hit fashion

Russian waters, liquid borders
Meet me at the shore, address me as your lord
I’m with death, flippin’ quarters
Grillin’ swordfish on the back of a black orca
Openin’ the records, 180 gram warpin’
Four fingers on the lazy susan
Breathless detail, [?] the movement
First [?]
[?] jurisprudence
Naked underneath, save for the Ruger
A real boofer, rumor
Boy with the red balloon driftin’ toward a new Earth
Cloud burst before the boom, like quickenin’ in the womb
Quivers coarsin’ through, contortions
I’m at the source, true north, new morning
Sea birds and jetsam
What I needed, a little bit extra
Yep, yep, I seen it, shiny chrome dipped in polish
Handsome gun, a mnemonic picture so you frame the logic
Your mind the greatest weapon, but your heart the biggest target
I devour from the lands of time forgotten
Power, power, power, on the minds of those without it
Cowards in high places refute this world is ours
Flowers from [?] the light rerouted
I watch Ms. Rogers splayed on the stoop and cry for hours
They liars, only trusted through proven truth, the survivors
I’m giant, I’m giant, no weapon formed shall triumph
They left us out to dry, I recombined like I designed it
Reclinin’ with the lions, like the [??]
[?] suffer lions, when Jah didn’t provide enough
Scratchin’ and survivin’, shootin’ tight for months
Maybe greed, maybe not, when I see Zion
Aquarius move, the various roots consume
Ritual smoke fumed above the tomb
Ain’t no white witch bitch here on nobody broom
Aight then boom
We tarry for whom, scarab bearer blooms
In the ruins feelin’ tender, render me unctous
Ain’t no tellin’ where I might end up
Entombed, a livin’ artifact, far from yours
Drums or horns or harpsichords
Distant form upon horizon
You can try, but if the heart denies, find silence
Glad tidings

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