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I slip, I slide, I lift, I’m a mover
I ride, I whip, I been steppin’ on cracks, momma’s hip
I slip, I slide, I lift, I’m a mover
I ride, I whip, I been steppin’ on cracks, momma’s hip
Neck, back broke, had to double back [?]
Only lip, brain state
Off the whip, gotta bump, gotta [?]
I been down by the law
Got me [?] know you wanna holla back
Same [?]
Same nigga, new nigga
Don’t be talkin’ out your back
To your partner, to your family, to your nigga sittin’ pretty
Don’t be talkin’ ’bout your racks
I done proved every bar, every bar
I’m a source, let’s not talk about the raps
I’m about to [??]

Curb side, my low level’s bird eye
If I’m not hittin’ licks with the missus
Talkin’ bidness with my [?], word, aye?
Let me get a pack of reds, pack of papers, Now & Laters, it’s a herb eye

Pearls before swine, but the swine’s too deep for bitter melon
Then follow in the secret recipe

Livery cab floatin’, heat high
Window cracked, [?] open, curb side, bean pie
Wild black, pithy slogan, paid tithe, large tax
Here’s hopin’ we sly, they lax, they lackin’
Billy Ocean, high tide
Speed traps, wasted [?]
Feedbacks, sofa boatin’, laser scopin’ [?]

Somebody tell him he won’t ever play again
It’s over
(You got your whole life ahead of you son, nothin’ to be ashamed of)

Saved by a good guy with a gun [?] but they don’t have names so it kept goin’
Go crazy, you tryin’ to figure it out, just stay in the moment
Stay in the moment
Livery cab floatin’
That buck that bought the bottle coulda struck the lotto
Sounds tight, but ring hollow
That’s nobody’s wife, that’s Frida Kahlo, that’s Frida Kahlo
Flights like Rollo, pescado, I make a water swallow
That buck that lost the lotto coulda bought a fuckin’ bottle

A hundred fifty roses in an ocean of milk
Light leaped on the camera, smoke how it feel
Ooh, I got you open
Out the box for your [?], coach pardon
Power harnessed, powder harden to rock
That was catharsis, from the starship
Face down on the carpet
Ooh, and the arcs twist
Was it a swoon or a target of the archer
Departures, arrivals, left foot on tight rope
Crows peck my eyes closed
I heard you niggas was manifestin’
Kissin’ between the thighs on the boardwalk
Cross talk, ecstasy, voices dragged out by the tide
Bouncin’ back, found a jetty on the grind
Blood in my eye, I’m doin’ quite fine
Next to me, far from yours, true
Nothing’s sacred ’til I made it so
Which way is up? Still got a ways to go


Текст песни (слова) Frida


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