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Tumble out the ether, my blank verse
Wild jungle out the speaker, rare earths
Every rabbi wonder, will his golem work?
Every golem wonder if they was the first
Lurch, cursed
Shots was close together like the gun burst
Optimistic as a prostitute’s wishlist
Kids are alright, what he told the missus
Baby in the reeds, keep him from the ‘gyptians
If she never has a seed, they gon’ be s’picious
Rumours, wishes, [?] blow pursed lip [?] kisses
Turn and spit, note the sun distance
Won’t be long now, if they comin’ come get it
If you comin’ come get it
Eve had a sister, who knows what he did with her
Big picture, frame was five figures
Soul suspended in silver, invoice A. Richter
Ay, Nigga
I was given this world, I didn’t make it
This a crazy place
Babyface with the shine and a magical charm bracelet
Pacin’, upstate bus station
Baby fat, but [??] the wolves take him

I’m not the first to believe in this hypocrisy

Circles lined with stones of a questionable origin
Wanted affirmations over harvested smudge stick fragrances
Instruments of faith, seekin’ silence and comfort
Delusional hunter on a path toward agency
Bunkered, hella unwavering
Takin’ to the skies, celestial bodies that the wise men follow
Stopped makin’ sense when chaos rang hollow
Imagination lack work, prosperity model
Out of mystery, a divine spark
Some are drawn, some are marked
Stark phenomenon, faith starts when shit stops addin’ up
Charge it to the game, plus tax just when you had enough
In this body, spirit mover, clear the passage
Why be shackled by the past tense
Dry bones of the Nag Hammadi
From the dust, reanimated and birthed anew
From the rib, there were two
We speak abundance, seekin’ oneness

I have to tell you guys, I need to, to, perhaps talk a little more about survivial. Because, when I say that, I have heard people say, «oh, but I’m not content to survive.» Because…and implicit in that response, is a certain denigration of what survival is. That is to say, they reduce survival to a mere existence. And that is not survival. None of us are going to move the Earth one millimeter from its axis. But, if we do what we need to be doing, then we will leave something that continues beyond ourselves, and that is survival

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